CCREST Program

The CCREST (College and Career Readiness Education for Students in Transition) Program is designed to transition students from High School to College or Work Life.  What is unique about Potentia Academy’s CCREST Program is that it incorporates 6 Major Focus Areas which are designed to augment the student’s passage from secondary school to adult life. These Focus Areas include:

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Career Exploration
  3. Technology
  4. College Preparedness/Work Readiness
  5. Health and Well Being
  6. Independent Living


Students in their junior year at Potentia Academy are promoted into the CCREST Program and begin a two-year transition while completing their remaining high school credits. Not only will students be presented curriculum in each of the 6 Focus Areas but will be provided exposure to “real life” scenarios and business professionals from each category.  For further information please contact our CCREST Program Coordinator, Ms. Ann Coughlin