COVID-19 - Potentia Schedule

As most of you know, as a response to the COVID-19 virus emergency, the Palm Beach County School District is closing for two weeks beginning Monday.  While Potentia Academy is not part of the public school system, we generally endeavor to the extent possible to synchronize our schedule with them.  We had little advanced notice of the closing and, in fact, yesterday had assurances the district would remain open. 


In light of these developments, we have made the following decisions:  Potentia Academy will be open on Monday 16th for regular school hours (8:00am-3:05pm).  The reason we will remain open for one extra day on Monday is to allow the students to collect all their books to take home and for us to walk them through the online format we will use to conduct each class in the remainder of the week. 


Beginning Tuesday, March 17th, we will transition our instruction to an online format.  Potentia students will work from home using this online venue until Friday, March 20th.  All students must have their computers with them on Monday.  Starting on Tuesday, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm all students will need access to computers and the Internet at home. 


The following week, March 23-27, is Spring Break.  If the Palm Beach County School District resumes classes on Monday, March 30th, as the current plan indicates, Potentia Academy will do so too.  If not, on Monday, March 30th, we will resume online instruction until such time as it is safe to resume on-ground classes. 


Why are we holding class on Monday while public schools are closed?  Because it will take us one day to train our students how to use the online technology.


Why are we moving to an online format for the week rather than just simply canceling classes?  Because the State of Florida mandates a specific number of instructional days as a condition of participating in the McKay and Gardiner Scholarships.  Every day school is canceled is a school day that must be added into the summer, which would be even more disruptive. 


Finally, we are cancelling all parent teacher conferences next week, including those scheduled for Monday.  We are also cancelling our workshop with Doug Vogel on Thursday evening.


Thank you in advance for helping us give your students the best learning experience possible!